Modern Velvet Fabric Covered Upholstered Dining Chair BV-HALF-F Fabric Chair

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Item No: BV-HALF-F#

Material: Plastic

 Package: 4 Pieces/1 Carton

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Origin Tianjing, China Model Bv-Half-F (Dining Room Furniture)
Brand Name Forman Color Optional
Specific Purpose Dining Chair Product Name Dining Room Chair
Type Restaurant Furniture Function Hotel .Restaurant .Banquet.Home
Mail Packaging Yes Package 4 Pieces/1 Carton
Application Food, Outdoor, Kitchen, Hotel, Office Building, Hospital, School Seat Upholstered Seat
Design Style Modern Leg Solid Wood
Material Plastic Minimum Order Quantity 200
Exterior Modern Oem/Oem Provide Services
Fold Do Not Base Plastic 4 Leg Base


dining chairsTianjin Furman Furniture was established in 1988 and is a leading factory in North China, mainly producing dining chairs and dining tables. The design style of FORMAN home tends to be modern and simple, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.

In the home design of the FORMAN Fabric Chair series, the BV-HALF-F armchair fabric chair adopts a wrap-around structure, which is characterized by the connection of the armrest and the back of the chair. It is stylish and simple, and provides rich styles and functions. The modern lines of the design are enhanced by the curved junction between the seat and armrest, a shared detail used to connect the new elements. The base is cushioned with soft cushions, the legs of the chair are made of solid wood, which is sturdy and durable, and the bases of the four chair legs are made of plastic, which is not easy to wear.

The home design of the BV-HALF-F armchair fabric chair has a clear design main line: the rounded and smooth outline creates a sense of fashion; the collision of materials creates visual tension; coupled with the classic design elements, the BV-HALF-F Fabric Chair The design is perfectly presented. The BV-HALF-F armchair combines traditional chic elegance, allowing imagination, innovation and surprise to soar. The silhouette of the BV-HALF-F armchair can be seen by the audience at a glance, and no need to introduce too much: the one-piece armrest and backrest implements a simple and fashionable design concept. The innovation of BV-HALF-F makes it one of the most eye-catching items in the FORMAN collection. And BV-HALF-F is also proving that traditional design brands can make bold innovations without abandoning their original genes. By introducing the space of “addition” through “subtraction”, each party in the cooperation, and even the audience, can get an unprecedented sense of surprise.

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