Forman has renewed the injection machines

Good news ! Forman has bought 4 more injection machines just now to enlarge our production capacity !Now with total 20 sets of injection machines , our production efficiency will be improved greatly ! As more and more countries get recover from the COVID-19 outbreak , many customers re-open their stores and return to normal sales . With the economy improves , we get more and more orders from all of our customers , most are plastic chairs, upholstered chairs, office chairs and dining tables, especially the furniture for indoor because more and more people start to work at home instead of getting around . Outdoor furniture also have potential along with the recover from the lockdown re-open . Forman has been well prepared running with full capacity !

Tianjin Forman Furniture is a leading factory among north China which is established in 1988 mainly providing dining chairs and tables. combining online and offline sales way, and always showing the original design ability in every exhibitions , more and more customers regard Forman as a permanent partner. The market distribution is 40% in Europe, 30% in USA, 15% in South American, 10% in Asia,5% in other countries. FORMAN has more than 30000 square meters, own 16 sets of injection machines and 20 punching machines , the most advanced equipment such as welding robot and injection molding robot have been already applied to the production line which has greatly improved the accuracy of the mold and production efficiency. Mature management system with quality supervision as well as high skilled workers ensure effective product of the high passing rate. The big warehouse can contain more than 9000 square meters stocks supporting factory can run normally in peak season without any problem. The big showroom will always open for you , waiting for your come !

Post time: Aug-31-2020