Pu Leather Chair BV-L

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Material:Artificial Leather
Packing:4 pcs/carton
MOQ:200 pcs

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Product Name Pu Dining Chair Whether To Fold No
Brand Name Forman Origin Tianjing, China
Features Modern Design, Eco-Friendly Model Bv-L
Specific Purpose Dining Chair Style Modern
Type Restaurant Furniture Usage Family
Dining chair
Pu Leather Chair
High Quality Pu Chair


1. Easy to clean and not easy to deform: Compared with the flannel seat, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather chair, and will not penetrate deep into the seat, so the cleaning work can be completed by gently wiping with a cloth. The leather sofa material is strong and not easily deformed, and has good elasticity.

2. Noble and generous: The leather chair gives people a feeling of wealth and honor. It looks high-grade, the leather is bright, and it feels fresh. When placed in the living room, it shows the atmosphere and gorgeousness of the living room. It can also reflect the taste of the owner.

3. Easier to dissipate heat: Although leather chairs also absorb heat, their heat dissipation performance is better. Leather chairs, you can dissipate the heat with a few taps with your hands, or you will not feel so hot when you sit for a while.

Chair Sofa


Tianjin Forman Furniture is a leading factory among north China which is established in 1988 mainly providing dining chairs and tables.  Forman has a big sales team with more than 10 professional salesmen, combining online and offline sales way, and always showing the original design ability in every exhibitions, more and more customers regard Forman as a permanent partner.  The market distribution is 40% in Europe, 30% in USA, 15% in South American, 10% in Asia, 5% in other countries. FORMAN has more than 30000 square meters, own 16 sets of injection machines and 20 punching machines, the most advanced  equipment such as welding robot and injection molding robot have been already applied to the production  line

which has greatly improved the accuracy of the mold and production efficiency.  Mature management system with quality supervision as well as high skilled workers ensure effective product of the high passing rate. The big warehouse can contain more than 9000 square meters stocks supporting factory can run normally in peak season without any problem.  The big showroom will always open for you , waiting for your come!

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