temper glass top fire stone surface marble dining table T-39#

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Item No: T-39#
Product Size:140*80*75 cm
Package: 1pcs/2ctn
Color: Customized
MOQ: 100pcs/color

Material:  MDF wood+metal

 Package: 1pcs/ctn

Color: Customized

MOQ: 100pcs/color

  • FOB Price: US $10.0- 150.0 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 200 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    The marble table is consistent with small families because they are able to resist effective injunction, not easily exposed to dirt and no water can ruin the table like wood. The ice-eating table table is easy by the crystal structure of stone and in the process, the table is polished and used to cover the anti-contamination work, clean up faster than ever.

    The cleverest table is the  table designed with multiple functions, which may be a table, tea table or a table, In order to bring utility and maximum conservation, most of the intelligence tables on the market are often designed with simple lines, easy to manipulate, using the size of the needs of use, It suits the family with 4-6 members.

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    The Armchair seat is made to be put to the test, and manages to combine high quality, and functionality, with a unique determination. F801 with attention to small details,with its extremely versatile style.The F801 base is so light; it looks like it could be swept in the breeze. The feet are in transparent polycarbonate, giving the illusion that it is hovering. A touch of originality for an ethereal design, with its feet firmly planted in the ground, and its head in the clouds. The freshness of the F801 base combines with the PP seat’s vitality, resulting in a product that is modern and fresh, suitable for any environment, as well as the contract market. Original and versatile, F801 will breathe fresh air into any environment.

    The molded plastic chairs are a flexible and comfortable seat with a variety of base options. Available in your choice of colors, which are permeated through the material so they remain vibrant even after years of hard use. The molded plastic seats are produced of ecologically friendly, recyclable polypropylene.

    New materials, especially those that held promise for doing more with less, Plastic was no exception. they saw in it the chance to form organic seat shells that conform to the body’s shape. Their enduring design and quality construction make them durable performers in many environments.

    As strong as it is light and as sleek as it is versatile, the new stackable plastic chair from Forman brings cutting edge design to the home, office and garden. Offering great value for money the chair is not only beautiful and comfortable, but practical. It is available in a range of colors from sober beige to vibrant fluorescent green and the Forman’s unique design allows up to ten chairs at a time to be stored in a self-supporting stack. Its distinctive lines and high-tech production method means the chair is ideal for use both indoors and out, a stylish piece of furniture for the home that is tough enough to cope with the outdoors. The Forman’s slim profile and clean silhouette make it an ideal addition to the modern kitchen, dining room, function hall or workspace, and its exceptional stacking capability means that when not in use it will never be under your feet.

    This chair, with its esteemed and highly recognizable design, will not lose its powerful visual prowess even if it is not covered. It makes a bold yet minimalist statement in its design as well as its high level of comfort.

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