According To The Easy To Clean Degree Of Choice Of Dining Table

When you pick dining table and chairs, consider whether the dining table top material is anti-corrosion wear-resistant easy to take care of, after all, we often eat on it, easy to stain with oil, if the cleaning is very troublesome, will affect the overall effect of the dining table and chairs.

(1) marble material

Marble material desktop configuration leather seats, giving a combination of hard and soft feeling. And the warm luster of marble reveals the noble temperament, and marble material is very good cleaning, once stained with oil or dust, etc., with a clean wet wipe on the clean.

2Glass material

Tempered glass dining table on the market is also more, this material can be very good with other material combinations, concise and clear lines and transparent visual effects. Importantly, the glass material is also relatively easy to take care of, when there is oil on the table, with a rag with detergent scrubbing clean as new.

dining table

3) Solid wood

Solid wood dining table and chairs have a warm and thick texture, natural and beautiful texture, and the surface is also flat and smooth. And now many solid wood dining table and chairs on the surface of a layer of transparent lacquer, bright color, good stability, smooth and wear-resistant, cleaning is also very convenient. Like ash, birch and other solid wood dining tables are a good choice, beautiful and easy to clean.

4) Iron material

In addition to the above materials, there are iron stainless steel dining table, this material is not used a lot. But this material dining table is more fashionable and trendy, and the product is strong and durable, but also better to do cleaning, is a very strong, durable type of dining table, especially for the pursuit of personality home furnishing young people choose to use!

Summary: marble dining table and chairs and glass dining table and chairs are very easy to clean, very suitable for friends who often dine at home to choose; and solid wood compared to marble and glass, easy to clean slightly weaker, working hours are more fixed, have time to take care of young friends can try. And usually rarely dine at home, and the pursuit of personalized life of friends can consider the iron dining table and chairs, may be more practical Oh!

Post time: Jan-31-2023