Did You Choose The Right Living Room Sofas?

Today I want to share with you about the modern sofa furniture knowledge, including the type of living room sofas recommended and different types of sofa placement method!

Interested friends look down together!

A, sofa types

1. leather sofa

It can be said that the leather corner sofa is the old generation’s favorite, simply a symbol of high! Leather sofa has good breathability and softness, we feel very comfortable when sitting, and is not easy to dirty. Generally speaking, only the place in contact with us is leather, the rest are not.

In general, the leather sofa is more textured and more classy, so the price is also more expensive. However, leather sofa because of the characteristics of leather, too dry or wet will accelerate aging, so regular maintenance is required.

2. Fabric sofa

If the family has children or pets, fabric sofa is the most suitable! Very literary and warm! Fabric sofa colorful and gorgeous, diverse and novel styles, and moderate prices, very pro-people! After a certain processing can achieve different artistic effects, not only to the heart, but also to meet our living needs.

The disadvantage is that the surface of the fabric is easy to dirty, and cleaning usually occurs in the phenomenon of color loss, poor quality will also appear deformation, so pay attention when buying Oh.

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3. Wooden sofa

Obviously, wood sofa is the main raw material is wood, according to the shape of the different can be divided into many style categories, such as European, Chinese, American, etc., the absolute high-end atmosphere upscale.

In general, if the wood contains formaldehyde is very difficult to evaporate, so it is best to choose the solid wood. And wood in a humid environment will be very easy to deform, so do not put in too humid places, and do not put in too dry places, such as next to the heater.

4. Rattan sofa

Also known as rattan sofa, prepared with natural rattan material, beautiful and generous. Both with a bold and elegant style, without losing the natural and refreshing features. But the best surface to do a good job of oiling anti-corrosion, and the environment is not too dry, otherwise it is not conducive to the maintenance of the sofa, causing fractures and other phenomena Oh!

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Second, the sofa of different household types

1. 15-20 square meters living room

Small house is, of course, the pursuit of practical features a little more. So it is recommended to use only storage function sofa Oh! Recommended sofa size: 1260-1500mm.

2. 20-25 living room

This type of household belongs to the medium, generally within 70-100 square meters are almost so large living room, more suitable for double or triple sofa, looks open some! Recommended sofa size: 1750-1960mm.

3. more than 25 square meters living room

This kind of living room is basically more than 100 square meters of the house type! Here, basically like what sofa to choose what sofa it! The size of 2280-2440mm or so can be set up.

Modeling also has a square, suitable for party chat kind of oh! You can also choose the corner sofa, save space and beautiful!

Post time: Jan-09-2023