• Choose Plastic Chairs With Popular Fall And Winter Colors

    Choose Plastic Chairs With Popular Fall And Winter Colors

    Fall and winter colors, looking for new inspiration between colors, add some more wild and interesting for the home. With a bright and charming color, get rid of the constraints, embrace life, and let the home spread out infinite hope. Hermes Orange, a vibrant, cheerful and vital orange, represen...
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  • The Charm Of Plastic Furniture

    In recent years, plastic furniture is increasingly popular among young people, they like to arrange their small homes into a simple style, with colorful plastic transparent furniture to brighten up the interior. A, the advantages of plastic furniture 1. Colorful Plastic furniture is very rich in ...
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  • European Style Light Luxury Wind Dining Chairs,So That The Home Of Beauty Is Not Like Words

    European light luxury style dining chairs, seemingly ordinary but very important, light and agile shape can be the space of the color level and artistic rhythm of the transition is extremely perfect, the European elegance throughout the space, retro and fashionable, so that every corner of the ho...
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  • Round Table,Colors T-32#Furniture That Integrates Fashion And Application

    Round Table,Colors T-32#Furniture That Integrates Fashion And Application

    Founded in 1988, FORMAN furniture is the leading factory in North China, mainly producing dining chairs and dining tables. FORMAN has a large sales team with more than 10 professional salesmen, a combination of online and offline sales, always showing original design ability in every exhibition, ...
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  • Simple Scandinavian Style Dining Chairs 1692, Different Environments Give You a Different Visual Experience

    Simple Scandinavian Style Dining Chairs 1692, Different Environments Give You a Different Visual Experience

    The area of the dining room location is too small, or have no dining room location, that the choice of dining chairs will also be more trouble. Many friends bought back the dining chairs are too big, the family simply can not put, or the shape is not beautiful, reducing the decorative effect of t...
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  • Simple Retro Dining Chair 1765

    Simple Retro Dining Chair 1765

    In the modern home environment, the restaurant is an extremely important occasion, so the restaurant configuration is particularly important. In a happy restaurant, a good dining chair can make the dining environment more comfortable! Tianjin Furman Furniture was established in 1988 and is a lea...
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  • One year later, restaurants and tourist destinations adapted to Covid

    Chinese furniture plastic chair and dining table wholesaler Forman furniture is a strong plastic, steel wood, glass furniture manufacturer in the north of China, and exports to all countries in the world every year, welcome interested friends to consult
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  • China’s professional plastic furniture manufacturers have rich experience

    Forman Furniture is a professional manufacturing plastic furniture manufacturers, with more than ten years of export experience, product quality is excellent, the price is cheap, welcome the major buyers to consult
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  • Tianjin Forman Furniture is a professional manufacturer of chairs

    Tianjin Forman Furniture is another name from Fenglian Furniture which is a real factory and established in 1988. Our factory has 30000 square meters, own 16 sets of injection machines as well as welding ,sewing packing workshop and two big warehouses. with more than 10 years export experiences ,...
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  • wholesale Multi-space availability plastic chair for cheap selling

    We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market for Factory Directly supply China Side Chair Modern Stylish PP Plastic Seat with Metal Legs MID Century Modern Chair for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Lightweight Kitchen Chairs 1661#, We can do...
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  • Denver restaurants get creative with outdoor dining in winter

    A famous furniture design company from China
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  • Using bamboo is a great way to decorate your home

    Today there are many ways to decorate a home with exotic furniture for a unique design. Whether you prefer Asian or Western décor, you may be interested in using bamboo or rattan furniture or flooring to give your home a unique look and feel. A member of the grass family, bamboo is a slender holl...
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  • Forman are ready to provide better service and products after COVID-19

    China International Furniture Expo is a professional international furniture exhibition with an excellent reputation for more than 17 years, launched in 1993. As one of the 3 largest furniture exhibitions in the world alongside with High Point Market and I Saloni Milano, Furniture China will be h...
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  • Forman has renewed the injection machines

    Good news ! Forman has bought 4 more injection machines just now to enlarge our production capacity !Now with total 20 sets of injection machines , our production efficiency will be improved greatly ! As more and more countries get recover from the COVID-19 outbreak , many customers re-open thei...
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