How To Make Plastic Dining Chairs Bonded Upholstery Does Not Fall Off?

Most of the source materials used in plastic restauant chairs are PP polypropylene for production, this material is colorless and tasteless, and heat resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, electrical insulation are very good, very suitable for the production of various fiber products, medical equipment, automotive, chemical containers, food packaging and other products production. It involves a wide range of industries and production processes, such as bonding, coating, printing, pad printing, injection molding and other production processes.

However, PP is not a perfect material, since it has excellent performance, its surface is very smooth and low tension, this inert non-polar polymer material, the polar point of the material surface is weak, the lack of polar groups that can combine with the polymer in the paint resin, it is usually difficult to carry out subsequent processes such as bonding, coating and printing. If you want to improve the adhesion between PP and adhesive, you must pretreat the surface of the material.

Design Plastic Chair

The surface treatment by plasma cleaner has changed this dilemma. Through low temperature plasma surface treatment, the material surface undergoes a variety of physical and chemical changes, either producing etching and roughness, or forming a dense cross-linked layer, or introducing oxygen-containing polar groups. More specifically, when high AC frequency high voltage is applied at both ends of the electrodes, the air between the two electrodes generates a gas glow discharge and a plasma zone is formed. When these electrons reach the anode, they will cluster on the surface of the medium and modify the surface. In the low temperature plasma in non-thermodynamic equilibrium, the electrons have high energy, which can break the chemical bonds of the molecules on the surface of the material and improve the chemical reaction activity of the particles, so that the hydrophilicity, adhesion, dyeability, biocompatibility and electrical properties of the surface are improved respectively, and the surface is changed from non-polar and difficult to stick to somewhat polar, easy to stick and hydrophilic, which is beneficial to bonding, coating and printing.

Plastic Restaurant Chairs

In practice, most plastic chairs usually have more irregular shapes for more aesthetic reasons, but even with irregular surfaces, the plasma treatment machine can precisely reach the target surface and still obtain effective results.

Recently, we have verified the effectiveness of the plasma treatment results. PP material has been our regular customers, the face of the design plastic chair is not different from the original treatment, the only place to feel more complicated is that, because the surface of the plastic restauant chairs is really uneven, there are places where the height difference is very large, which caused a considerable challenge for the subsequent upholstery lamination. However, this doubt is not realized, in our plasma equipment to complete the treatment, the upholstery fit very tightly, there is no warping and bulging phenomenon, through a day of practice and observation, the upholstery is still firmly bonded to the dining chair.

Post time: Dec-02-2022